Olga Ferrara: Taking the fashion industry by storm with her skills as a fashion influencer, content creator, model, and stylist.

Ksaveras Jancauskas
4 min readSep 1, 2020

Being unique is what Olga truly believes in and this has made her reach a prominent position in the industry, inspiring many other young talents in fashion.

For many years, we have been witness to some of the biggest revolutions around us, especially concerning the online world. The digitalization phase is something that has brought along with it many other different opportunities as well for people across industries to show their talents and prowess along the way, making a mark in their respective fields. The world of fashion is no behind; it has given birth to several talented minds who have gone ahead in the saturated industry purely based on their passion and talents and have utilized the social media space to the maximum to improve their presence as an influencer and engage with people on a broader scale. One such astute and highly passionate fashion influencer is Olga Ferrara, originally from Ukraine and currently based in the New York City.

We are living in a world where most of us, especially the youngsters are majorly influenced and driven by social media platforms and influencers like Olga optimize such mediums to increase their presence and reach across mediums through their knowledge and insights. Olga is an ace fashionista who apart from being a fashion influencer is also a model, content creator, and a stylist. People have been attracted to her posts because of her specialty of being unique in her work through the power of her influential fashion posts that go beyond the all-black culture and welcome all sorts of colors. That’s how she expresses herself on her Instagram feed, with bright, happy colors.

Olga gained excellent knowledge and experience from her modeling career, by attending runway fashion shows and fashion-related events across the globe, which also made her learn about the various cultures and styles. Olga was born in Ukraine and since the beginning was drawn towards the world of fashion. She always dreamt of moving to Paris and after getting her visa to the US, she moved to New York City, where she decided to make her career in fashion.

New York gave her the confidence and the right opportunities to build her career in fashion, which made her found her own style. This is when she learned that ‘art means freedom’. She started by posting a few pictures and selfies of her on Instagram and gradually saw a rise in her followers and great positive feedback from the audiences. Realizing she could turn this opportunity into a much lucrative one for herself and her career, Olga started posting consistently on her feed and gained massive momentum. Soon, people could find her own fashion and beauty related podcasts, Live IG, and webinars.

Her posts and her entire feed speak volumes about all the new trends and styles in the fashion world. Her work has also attracted a lot of renowned brands who today wait to get collaborated with her as they know Olga would deliver the best content, increasing engagement, and providing more visibility to them across mediums.

Olga also suggests other aspiring influencers to have patience, as things take time and success would eventually follow if one remains true to themselves and unique and consistent in their work. What makes Olga stand apart from the rest in the industry is the composition of her pictures and photo shots, which are shot against beautiful cityscapes, window views, and landscapes that add the X-factor to her posts, mesmerizing the audiences.

Her company Olgas Unique LLC by Olga Ferrara stands strong in the market as it is driven by Olga’s unique vision and style that makes use of dazzling bright colors blended well with her unique style, vibe, and positive energy. Olga also believes in ‘giving it back to society’ and does humanitarian works and donates her time and efforts to several charities. Her company has widely influenced people, where today they trust Olga for any fashion related query and look out for her guidance in the same. Olga also actively supports sustainable fashion.

Travelling has always motivated her; taking photos in beautiful outfits, surrounded by breathtaking views has gained her more popularity. She used fashion to express her feelings while traveling. This resulted in many companies getting collaborated with her and give her the chance to explore the world to express herself more through fashion.

Olga has definitely taken the fashion industry by storm with her remarkable skills as a high-end fashion influencer.



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